Instructions on how to lớn create USB boot with Hiren"s boot details, with a few simple steps you have sầu a USB to boot, install Win.

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USB boot or USB install Win will be useful when you forget the password Windows needs to break the password lớn log in to lớn the computer, reinstall Win, boot into lớn the system lớn fix the error, restore Win. The USB is compact, very convenient to lớn carry around. If you are a regular computer user, make sure you create a bootable USB lớn use when you need it.

The creation of USB boot is not too difficult, currently there are many ways lớn create USB boot with dozens of software tư vấn, however, Hiren"s BootCD is a tool that is quite old và loved by công nghệ people. Therefore, wrote a separate tutorial on how to create USB boot, create USB install Win with Hiren"s BootCD tool.

If you want ghost Win to lớn invite you to read the tutorial: How lớn ghost Windows 7/8, Windows 10 with OneKey Ghost

Instructions for creating USB Boot with Hiren"s BootCD

Step 1: Prepare to create USB Boot, USB Ghost for WindowsStep 2: Format USB lớn FAT32 standardStep 3: Run the Grub4Dos Installer khổng lồ create bootable USB capabilitiesStep 4: Extract the tệp tin Hiren"s BootCD and copy khổng lồ USBStep 5: Copy the grldr and thực đơn.Ist files to lớn the USB boot just created

How to lớn create USB Boot with Hiren"s BootCD

Step 1: Prepare to lớn create USB Boot, USB Ghost for Windows

USB capađô thị of 1 GB or more

Step 2: Format USB to FAT32 standard

In order lớn ensure normal USB operation & boot, you need to convert the USB format you are using khổng lồ the FAT32 format. Run the USBFormat download tool above, extract it and run usb_format.exe file:


Here you choose as the picture khổng lồ USB format lớn FAT32 instead of NTFS:

Select the correct USB device in the Device section.Select FAT32 in the File system section.Cliông chồng Start to start the format. This process is slow depending on the read & write tốc độ and USB capathành phố (in my thử nghiệm, it takes about 15 minutes lớn USB USB ).


When formatting the USB, you will see a notification image lượt thích this

If you want khổng lồ know how khổng lồ get back, break the password of your Windows password or when you forget it, follow this instruction, by using Hiren Boot tool!

Step 3: Run the Grub4Dos Installer to lớn create bootable USB capabilities

Unzip "" > run "grubinst_gui.exe" to create the ability lớn boot USB according khổng lồ the steps shown below.

Steps khổng lồ create USB Ghost Windows

Specifically running the Grub4Dos Installer is as follows:

Clichồng Refresh (1) in the Disk section lớn select the correct USB (2).Click Refresh (3) in the Part List section to select Whole disk (MBR) (4).

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After making sure to select the right things, clichồng the Install button (5).


Do as shown to lớn create Hiren Boot USB


Follow this guide khổng lồ create a USB ghost, install Windows

Step 4: Extract the file Hiren"s BootCD and copy lớn USB

Unzip "" > inlớn the unzipped folder > select "Hirens.BootCD.15.2.iso" & extract it & copy all the files in it to USB.


Step 5: Copy the grldr & menu.Ist files to the USB boot just created

Copy two "grldr" and "menu.lst" files & paste them inlớn Hirenboot"s USB just created. So where are those "grldr" & "menu.lst" files taken? You can get from:

The grub folder after extracting the tệp tin .In the main HBCD thư mục is extracted from the ISO file of Hiren Boot.


After creating the boot USB, you plug the USB into the computer, restart the computer & enter the BIOS. Depending on the model và operating system, the way to enter the BIOS will vary, usually using keys like F12 or Delete. Once you have entered the BIOS, you select the boot mode from USB, here, we can proceed to reinstall Windows and perform other tasks as needed.

Our boot screen will look like this:


Mini Windows XP. in HirenBoot USB

Above sầu is the guide to create USB boot very detailed with Hiren"s bootCD. With the USB boot just created, you can use to lớn ghost Win, install Windows, extract ghost version or fix Windows errors when needed. This is especially useful when the computer has a problem that you cannot restart in the normal way or without the CD drive sầu to lớn install Win from the disk.

If you feel that creating USB boot with Hiren"s boot is too complicated, you can try khổng lồ refer to lớn Rufus, a tool khổng lồ create USB boot is easy to use, with just a few clicks that you already have a bootable USB, only other It is with Rufus you need Windows ISO tệp tin only.