Qihoo 360 Total Security is a completely không lấy phí online security and antivirus solution developed by Qihoo. Its antivi khuẩn protection is powered by two major third-party vendors. But is this program merely a repackaging of other tools or does it have sầu independent value?


Antivirut protection forms the core of this security suite but the engines that make this work are actually Avira and BitDefender. For those who need reliable protection, that’s great news: both these scanners have fared excellently in independent reviews.You watching: 360 total security có giỏi không


There are three scanning options: a quichồng scan (which is very quick – mine took less than five minutes), a custom scan, & a full system scan. There’s also a built-in Patch-Up feature which automatically checks your installed programs lớn make sure they’re not outdated or contain vulnerabilities.

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If the system detects a program with an available update, details of the nâng cấp & a link to lớn tải về the new version will appear.

This is a great feature—outdated software is a hacker’s goldmine (67% of computers affected by the WannaCry virus were running an outdated version of Windows). In addition to lớn the vulnerability scanner, the software also looks for other “system anomalies” after running. It automatically flagged a “promotional tag URL navigation icon” & quickly resolved it during my thử nghiệm.

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Qihoo 360 Total Security is more than just a virut scanner. The comprehensive sầu speedup & cleanup tools improve the state of your system by removing unnecessary startup applications and files. There’s also a handy graphic of your system’s average boot time so it’s easy khổng lồ trachồng progress as you turn off unnecessary startup services (which can drastically slow down your system’s loading time)


If the automatically pre-configured speedup tools aren’t lớn your liking, Total Security also provides a “Manual” thực đơn which gives you control over system settings. Finally, the “history” panels allow you lớn see any changes khổng lồ your system optimization settings. These tools integrate nicely with the “scheduled cleanup” function.See more: Phần Mềm Bẻ Khóa Icloud Iphone 4S, Hướng Dẫn Cách Mnghỉ ngơi Icloud Trên Iphone 4 Chạy Ios 7

Other online security tools include a data shredder for securely deleting unwanted files và folders (không tính tiền trial on the basic plan và available permanently with the Premium upgrade), a virtual sandbox environment for safely examining potentially malicious programs, a virtual vault for storing passwords, and a ransomware decryption tool. This tool aims to lớn break the encryption that ransomware uses to loông xã down access lớn your files & directories, so it’s a second line of defense against this cybersecurity threat.


Ease of use

Downloading Qihoo 360 Total Security involves a relatively straightforward, two-step process (an executable is downloaded from the trang web, which subsequently downloads the definitions và components that the program needs khổng lồ run). I like the fact that some of the add-on modules (such as the ransomware decryption tool) are not included out of the box and instead have to downloaded after the initial installation has been completed. This helps keeps the form size và speed of the initial download relatively manageable. After installation, the tool is very easy to lớn operate. A notification ibé keeps users apprised of system alerts without being intrusive and the assortment of extra tools can be accessed from the “tool box” thực đơn. Overall, this is a very nicely designed piece of user-friendly software.



Qihoo 360 Total Security is a completely miễn phí software, so it’s expected that the tư vấn resources are not as far-reaching as those from a paid title. Nevertheless, the company offers a basic online Q&A khổng lồ help users resolve sầu comtháng issues, such as installation or manually updating the virut definitions. However, telephone & live sầu chat support are both notably absent và the gmail ticketing system can only be accessed by users that have upgraded to lớn Qihoo 360 Total Security Premium.See more: Chuyển Cad Sang Excel - Cách Chuyển Cad Sang Word, Pdf, Excel


Qihoo 360 Total Security is a completely miễn phí product—so there’s nothing lớn complain about on the price!

The company does offer a Premium upgrade, however, which gives access lớn additional tools lượt thích a firewall editor, a privacy cleaner, an in-app ad remover, và first priority support (which offers gmail ticketing). 360 Total Security Premium is very reasonably priced—particularly when purchased at the three-year, three-device level. Premium plans also include a 30-day money-baông chồng guarantee.