Xbox Live On Windows Phone 7: First Impressions

Baông xã in April Microsoft released a Windows 10 app which allowed PC users khổng lồ customize their Xbox avatar.

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At the time it was not available for Windows phones, but today we are happy khổng lồ report that the Universal app is now working perfectly fine on phones running the Windows 10 Mobile technical preview.

The phầm mềm lets you change your avatar, start fresh with a br& new one, or take pictures of your avatar khổng lồ nội dung with your friends.

You can:
Edit your avatar’s look by picking new features, clothes, & accessoriesCreate a new avatar for your Xbox accountGet all the features, clothes, and accessories from Xbox One on your PCInteract with your avatar with keyboard, mouse or touchTake a picture with your avatar and save it to lớn your device

The không tính tiền app can be found in the Windows Store for Windows 10 Mobile users here.

See some screen shots of the phầm mềm in action below.

Gallery : Xbox Avatar App

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